SIA Sport Revolution presents 4 brands of sports training aids -

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SIA Sport Revolution founders and board members are two Latvians, former Hockey players - Jānis Leitāns and Peters Sutta. 

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SIA Sport Revolution presents 4 brands of sports training aids -


SIA Sport Revolution launched and designed its first product in 2011, and from that time, the company has only grown bigger. Right now the company has 10 years of experience in sports training aids and it carries Latvia's name all around the world.
In 2022 Latvia's largest business association Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK) presented Export Awards at the General Meeting of Members and SIA Sport Revolution was in 2️⃣. place among all companies that bring the name of Latvia to the world🥳🥳🥳  
 SIA Sport Revolution has made a brand - MY FLOORBALL,  which sells 11 self-made products, all made by hands - Skiller, Skiller PRO, Passer, Passer PRO, Passer Saucer, Passer Saucer PRO, My Slideboard lit, Skills zone, Skills Zone 360, Floorball flooring, Target PRO, 


My Floorball is developing and producing equipment to make  practices easier and more creative


We all know, that in sport is extremely important to improve skills, so You could become better and better, with My Floorball sports training aids  You have the possibility to practice in the home, your room, garage, backyard, or a driveway with or without a playmate/buddy. 

We are proud that: 

  • we are the first company who offer training aids for Floorball usable for all kinds of skills levels

  • we have patented technology for our products 

  • our product can be used with specially designed App, to create more interactive training + it is for free

  • with our product you can improve essential skills like ball control, coordination, reaction time, stickhandling, shooting, fast hands, and peripheral vision

  • all products are designed and tested by professional hockey players and coaches. Durable and high quality - easily portable, foldable and can be used anywhere (by placing it on any flat surface), therefore you can use My Floorball App as a personal coach